PDO Threads

Has your skin lost its bounce and beginning to sag

Do wrinkles appear on it? Do the furrows deepen? Do you want to stimulate natural processes that will reverse these processes and rejuvenate the skin, but not only visually? Properly used PDO threads will create a specific scaffolding upon which your skin will build collagen and then dissolve on its own. Thanks to this, the face will regain its oval shape and you will be able to enjoy a youthful appearance.

Polidoxane threads (PDO) have been known and successfully used in medicine for many years. Their original use as skin and subcutaneous sutures in plastic surgery, ophthalmology and urology has expanded and today they are also used in aesthetic medicine to lift sagging cheeks and reduce wrinkles in the neck and décolleté.

What is the course of the procedure with the use of PDO threads? How does the treatment work?

The procedure involves inserting the thread with a guide needle, needle-cannula or cannula under the appropriate areas of the skin, creating a mesh that will serve as a scaffold for the emerging proteins.

The procedure usually takes 30-60 minutes and is performed after anesthesia of the treatment area with anesthetic cream.

Contraindications to the use of PDO threads

Indications for the use of PDO threads

What can PDO threads

Advantages of the treatment:

Are the effects of PDO threads immediate? How long does it take to get the final results?

The first effects can be observed immediately after the treatment, and after about 2 weeks, the process of collagen and elastin production begins. This process lasts until the thread dissolves (approx. 180-240 days), and the effect of the treatment lasts up to 24 months.

How often should the treatment with PDO threads be repeated?

Although the effects persist for up to two years, it is common practice to add the threads at appropriate intervals, agreed with a specialist. This allows you to achieve the expected results and spread the intervention in the form of punctures over time, making the procedure safer and shorter. It is also important that the payment is spread over time, which is an important factor for many clients.

What does the skin look like immediately after the treatment with the use of PDO threads?

After the treatment, there may be swelling, bruises and pain.

When it is possible to return to daily activities?

The treatment with PDO threads is safe and minimally invasive. You can resume your daily activities on the same day, and any bruises and swelling should subside within the next 2 weeks.

Types of threads used in our clinic

PDO threads come in various variants, and the particular types used during the treatment are selected individually depending on the client’s skin needs.
The threads differ in length and weave type. The main types of threads are mono, twin, screw, double screw and also triple threads. Hook threads are a different type of thread.
The threads we use have the highest level of quality and safety confirmed by the TGA.
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