IPL Hair Removal For Face & Body

Safe and effective hair removal with medical-grade IPL


Professional hair removal services using medical-grade IPL and lasers. Our IPL/ Laser hair removal treatments are safe and effective, delivering long-lasting results for both the face and body. Say goodbye to the discomfort and inconvenience of waxing and shaving as our advanced technology targets and removes unwanted hair. Experience smoother, hair-free skin with Curvz, where our experts address the concerns of ingrown hairs, bumps, nicks, cuts, burns, and promote long-term hair reduction for a desirable outcome.

We have a team of professionally trained and licenced IPL technicians who are experts at providing a tailored IPL hair removal treatment that is safe and  effective. Our medical-grade Candela IPL can be used on all skin types. If your hair is darker than your skin, you are eligible for the procedure. The only exceptions are grey, light blonde and white hair that cannot be treated with IPL because of the lack of pigment.

It is vital to understand that IPL hair removal requires several appointments because of the different stages of the hair growth cycle that need to be treated consistently over time. The number of appointments depends on the hair colour, skin tone, the area to be covered and the thickness of the hair. Also, people with higher skin and hair colour contrast need IPL treatments.

We assure you that we have the most reasonably priced IPL hair removal service in Pimpama, Hope Island and our technicians offer a complimentary first consultation to evaluate your skin.


Our contemporary IPL hair removal procedure is apt for both men and women of all skin types. However, we still need to assess your hair and skin to devise a customised plan for you. Thus, we offer a FREE 30-minute consultation to help you understand the treatment and its impact on your skin. Our counselling will help you choose the correct hair removal technique for your needs.

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Asked Questions

IPL hair removal does not cause pain or any other side effects. Keep your skin protected from heat and UV radiation, avoid gyms, and exercise for 48 hours. You can continue your daily chores and work after the treatment without taking any break. However, you must adhere to the post-care instructions, such as no sun exposure, hot baths, swimming pools, sauna, or spa visits.

No, the advanced IPL hair removal technology has eliminated pain from the treatment process. The medical-grade Candela IPL come with cooling technology that makes the process comfortable and pain-free. At the most, you may feel a slight sensation on the skin, which is bearable.

It is common to notice some erythema (redness) and slight oedema (swelling) after a laser treatment. However, it will subside in a day or two. You can use a cold compress immediately after the treatment to reduce the discomfort.


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